Women in Business

Within Elite Hathaway, we have a division that caters to woman in business. In the world today we know women are showing more interest in Finance than ever before. Studies have shown they believe a work-life balance is achievable and don’t see gender bias as an issue. This interest, however, has not translated into action, which is why Elite Hathaway created a special force team that empowers and magnifies your talents as a woman in business. According to a survey recently completed by T Rowe Price, Millennial women are seriously lagging behind in retirement planning compared to men. As Fortune reports, “For women ages 18 to 33 participating in a 401(k), the median 401(k) balance is $11,000—but for men in that cohort it’s twice as much: $22,000." Not only are women contributing less to their retirement accounts, but they’re also still suffering from a large pay gap. “The median personal income for Millennial women is $48,000, while men are earning $63,000."

What could be the cause of all this? The lack of financial education. Fortune again reports, “a recent FINRA study found that only 18% of Millennial females demonstrated high financial literacy, compared to 29% of males.” This occurs despite the fact that more women have higher degrees than ever before. Women are now a record-high 57 percent of U.S. college graduates and will comprise more and more of the employee and customer base in the years to come. There will be more households in which women are the primary economic drivers – one estimate is that as much as 85 percent of consumer purchasing power will be held by women. Our program provides women the education to build their financial networks. The Executive Coaches, available 24/7, provide one-on-one training, seminars, webinars and invaluable guidance throughout the learning and implementation process. With proper education for women in the area of financial planning, they could be setting themselves up for a successful future. Tell us about your financial goals. Learn about the opportunity we have to maximize your lifestyle and elevate your leadership and performance skills.

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